Why Us?


We provide a fun and varied set of fitness programmes which improve your core strength, stamina, and aerobic fitness whilst burning those calories.


Our programmes are designed to maximize the development of your martial skills. The classes are broken down in to several key areas which focus on the development of each of these skills. Over a period of time your progress is monitored and analysed to provide you with the most comprehensive feedback possible. Our 'hand-on' approach to teaching further cements our commitment to getting you to be the best you can be, as efficiently as possible.

Personal Protection

Traditional martial arts do not necessarily follow the event and rituals which are commonly linked to modern day personal protection. Martial arts teaches you the physical skills over a period of time, Personal Protection is something the student should be able to apply from their first lesson. As our classes are progressive, we are able to offer you this from the moment you walk in to our lessons with a mixture of simple techniques and basic movement exercises you can quickly learn to avoid confrontation or 'act' to avoid a dangerous situation.


We know times are tough and do not want to stop you from enjoying yourself, our tailor made packages allow you to pick what is right for you, with the ability to scale the package to your needs. We also offer discounts to students and the unemployed.