Meet the Team

Eugene Salleh

Phase 2 Club Instructor

Teaching and training SMART concepts and core principles changed my life. It has indeed become a way of life for me and influences how I interact with the world around me on a daily basis.

I find it incredibly inspiring when a new student begins to unlock the hidden skill inside themselves and how they grow in self confidence as they achieve what they previously thought to be impossible.

I still train hard and take regular tuition along with the SMART mentors in Manchester. Whether I'm recieving or giving tuition the sessions are always fun, challenging and rewarding. I believe it's important to keep challenging yourself, not to get complacent and to continue to learn, developing both mind and body.

I quilified as an elite personal trainer in 2011 and founded Evolution Fitness & Nutriton providing training in a number of different personal training disiplins and dietry advice to both groups and individuals.

Jake Colquhoun

Phase 1 Trainee Mentor

"Initially, my interest in martial arts arose from a series of traumatic events. Growing up in Brixton, I experienced gang muggings, gang attacks and being threatened with weapons on an almost daily basis, therefore my main drive was to recover the confidence I had lost. I began with MMA and found this to be great for both conditioning and fighting spirit, yet, it was not complete. Training to fight one man in a cage under rules and restrictions did not make me feel prepared to face realistic dangers. I started training with Eugene early 2012. My idea at the time was to train in as many disciplines as possible, but, I found a complete system in SMART and felt I no longer needed anything else. Once I achieve a sufficient level of skill, my goal is to help others feel safe and keep them from harm. Having focused on clinical psychology throughout my university studies I also hope to use self defence in the future as psychotherapy for related trauma."